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SBL Games, Inc

We get you back to gaming.


Established in 2004, SBL Games Inc has been offering Repair Services and has serviced Thousands of Game Systems, Handheld Game Systems, and other electronic devices. Game Console Repair Services are available for the XBOX One, XBOX One X, XBOX One S, PS3, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and just about any other Game system. Reliable and affordable Game Console repair service is my specialty, so I'm sure I can find the solution for your specific needs. Call today to schedule an Appointment!


Trust an Experienced Game System Repair Professional!

As a Game Console Repair specialist, I personally guaranty that your repair will be completed efficiently and effectively. I have the experience and dedication to get the job done right. Call Today to get the Help you Need right Away!

Industry Leading
90 Days Warranty
(On most Repairs)


Deep Cleaning & Overheating Repair Service

Deep Cleaning and Thermal Compound Replacement

My Deep Cleaning services are designed to make your life easier, with an extremely fast 1 Hour repair time, and the ability to watch the repair process in person. Same day cleaning and overheating repair service when you need it most, all at no extra charge. Most places take 3 - 5 business days and don't allow clients to watch the process.


Whether you need an XBOX One Overheating Repair Service or PS4 Overheating Repair Service, SBL Games has you covered! Call or text today to set an appointment!

(909) 269-4488

Get a Quick Diagnosis

Service and Warranty

I specialize in Game System Repair services, and Handheld Game System Repair Services, offering only top quality and efficient results. This is important when diagnosing an issue. When you book this Repair Service, like all of my other Services, I'm Extremely confident you’ll be satisfied with the process and result. 

I perform the Work while you watch and offer same-day Repairs for many of my services, often within an hour or less, at no additional cost! All successfully completed repairs that involve replacing parts, include a 30 - 90+ Day Warranty, so you can be confident with all of your purchased Repair Services.


Parts and Installation Services

Your XBOX One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and other Game System Repair Professional!

I offer Parts, Sales, as well as the option to bring me the part and device, and for only $65, I'll Install the Part for you! You're encouraged to watch the Game Console Repair Service process, but also have the option to drop off your XBOX One, PS4, or other Game System.

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