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Terms and Conditions of Use of Services and/or Product purchases:

By using services provided by HSBC, Inc. (DBA - SBL Games, Inc.) you agree to the terms of service and enter into a legally binding contract. This contract means you agree to all of the following: You surrender all rights to sue the owner, Steven B. Langlois, any HSBC, Inc. staff or workers, or collectively "SBL Games, Inc." for any losses or damages. At our staff's, and/or owner's discretion, we will replace any damages caused by our technician.


Out of (16) Years of repairs, and thousands of fixed devices, we've only had to replace parts (2) times. Any units lefts beyond (30) Days will become the property of HSBC, Inc. If at any point you don't agree to these terms, please immediately let our staff know so we can look into a possible refund, depending on if your unit has been opened or not, and get your device back to you as soon as possible.

This service agreement is subject to change at any time and without any notice whatsoever; written, digital, or verbal. If you take any legal actions against the owner, staff, workers, employees, etc. you will be financially liable for court costs on both sides, including but not limited to, any and all associated court costs, fees, dues, lawyer costs, etcetera. Going to court, or trying to sue anyway, will result in a countersue of $1,200 for loss of time and profits.

Furthermore, if you publish any reviews where you provide any form of misinformation about events, actions, or statements about Higher Standards Business Consultations (AKA - SBL Games, Inc.) you will be sued for slander and/or libel. You’ll also be sued for any and all projected damages caused by publishing said lies, misinformation, or other false statements in a publicized review. For this, you’ll need to pay $1,000.00 per review, and $250 per day, plus projected loss and damages caused. We may, or may not, by our choice provide a warning before any legal action is taken, or if the reviews are removed or corrected immediately to reflect only facts and truths, not biased opinions, thoughts, concepts, or beliefs. Being the reasonable person I am, and understanding todays tough times, I’ll usually notify you by text, email, and/or phone call. From that moment, you’ll have (72) Hours to remove, or revise your reviews, or will face any and all above enforceable legal actions.


We always strive to ship out orders as soon as possible, but please allow a few days for holidays, weekends, and other days where the post office will be closed. Most items we ship out will include a tracking number and insurance. We heavily recommend that you purchase these as well as requiring a signature upon delivery when sending devices to be worked on. We will not be held responsible for packages lost in transit!

Abandoned Items/Personal Property:

We are not responsible for any items, or personal items, left behind when you visit our office. Items include (but are not limited to) cellphones, keys, backpacks, wallets, etc. Please be sure to make sure that you leave with all of your personal items and have not left anything behind. Although we will always do our best to secure any items left behind, and immediately notify the owner to come pick up immediately, but we cannot be held responsible for your carelessness as its far too easy for the next client that visits to simply grab the item(s) and put it/them into their pocket, purse, or bag/backpack/etc. Furthermore, any items left beyond 30 days will be treated as abandoned. Any accusations, accusatory language, or other assumptions will result in legal action. The party making the accusations will be financially responsible for all lefal fees, all lawyer costs, and any associated court costs/fees.

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